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Law and Politics Final

Law and Politics Final - Marbury McCullach Gains Pleassy...

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Law and Politics Final Please add chapter 4 in the Baum book to your study guide. Also, please remember that ALL content of class discussion(s) will be open for inclusion in the final. This includes material that was not directly related to a specific case. Some students have reported that the attachment was blank. So, I am pasting into text here: Please note the addition of the concept of "Strict Scrutiny."
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Unformatted text preview: Marbury, McCullach, Gains, Pleassy , Brown 1 and II, Baake, Lochner, Adkins West Coast, Gitlow, Palko, Button, Carolene Products (especially Footnote 4), Griwold, Roe, Lopez, Frontiero, Substantive Due Process; Equal Protection, Constitution: Article 3, 14 th amendment and incorporation, Scalia’s first essay in his book, Chapters 3 and 5 in Baum, all content from class discussions/lectures ....
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