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UD-UGBA-10-Practice Midterm #1-2009S

UD-UGBA-10-Practice Midterm #1-2009S - ugba-10 Marketing...

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ugba-10 Marketing: Delighting Customers I N S T R U C T O R V E R S I O N 1. The costs of international freight are surprisingly low and this has led to the outsourcing of much production to Asia. Containerization is the key to low shipping costs and container ships have been around since: a. The 1890s b. World War I (about 1920) c. World War II (about 1940) d. The 1950s Ans. D surprisingly recent ® 225 “1956” 2. The Indian firm T ATA has made headlines for announcing the world’s first modern sub- $3,000 car. A recent article in Business Week noted that: 3. VistaPrint is a full-color print shop that relies on an Internet ordering system to compete with ultra-low prices. A recent Business Week article describes the firm’s strategy as relying on: a. Requiring customers to submit camera-ready artwork made by other design firms b. Turning down all but large, long-run, jobs c. Consolidating many different orders into each print run d. Using antique sheet-fed letter presses Ans. C ® 116 police question 4. Many firms now use “dashboards” that frequently update management metrics and then publish the information firm wide. According to a recent Business Week article, one common downside to this wide dissemination of up-to-date information is: a. It can hurt morale when staff see their performance as less than top-ranked b. In practice, few people actually look at the information no matter how well it is presented c. Managers quickly lose track of details while they continually attend to the big picture d. It offers no improvement over the old-fashioned procedure of producing quarterly financial reports Ans. A ® 121
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ugba-10 Marketing: Delighting Customers I N S T R U C T O R V E R S I O N 5. What does “product placement” mean?
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UD-UGBA-10-Practice Midterm #1-2009S - ugba-10 Marketing...

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