Assignment%201 - 4. When the switch on the circuit below is...

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U NIVERSITY OF C OLORADO AT B OULDER Department of Integrative Physiology IPHY 4720 – Neurophysiology Assignment 1 Solve the following problems: 1. What potential difference can be achieved across a capacitor of 1 µF if there are 3 x 10 9 charges available to charge it and 6 x 10 18 charges per coulomb? 2. If the specific membrane conductance ( g m ) of a neuron was 225 µS/cm 2 , what is the conductance of 10 µm x 72 µm patch of its membrane? 3. When current has the option of flowing along different branches of a circuit, it will always follow the path of greatest conductance. The current that flows through each path is proportional to its conductance relative to the total conductance. Given the following circuit and values, calculate the current that must be provided by the generator to achieve an I b of 2.3 mA: g a = 3 S, g b = 2 S, g c = 5 S. [Hint: conductances add when in parallel.]
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Unformatted text preview: 4. When the switch on the circuit below is closed, current will flow around the circuit for a while before it stops. The rate of decline in current flow can be characterized by the time constant ( ) for the circuit. a. Given the following values, calculate the value of the conductor in this circuit: = 200 ms, C = 10 F, E = 60 mV. b. Calculate V C when the current stops. c. Calculate I at 200 ms after the switch was closed. 5. One of the ways that neuroscientists study brain function is to measure the responsiveness of selected pathways to a current that is applied across the scalp; this is known as transcranial stimulation. If a stimulator has the capacity to develop a potential difference of 1.63 kV and the resistance across the scalp is 100 k , what is the maximal current (mA) that can be delivered?...
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Assignment%201 - 4. When the switch on the circuit below is...

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