BCOR2400%20HW3 - BCOR-2400 Fall 2009: Homework #3 Your...

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BCOR-2400 Fall 2009: Homework #3 Your Name_______________________________ Due Thursday, October 22, at the beginning of class in hard copy format. Late submissions will not be accepted. In the event you are ill or have an excused absence on the day your homework is due, you may submit your homework via email ( lisa.christian@colorado.edu ) by the start of class. In that case, your answers should be bolded, and word file should be saved with your first and last name in the file name. (e.g., john doe.doc). For full credit, make sure your name is on your homework. Turn in pages 1 and 2, stapled together or printed on both sides. Your assignment: The Product” in this assignment, which is currently envisioned for Commercialization, is a Television Series called “Love and Money”. The concept for this show is overviewed in the attached 4-page summary. Read this entire document, and answer the following seven questions, using the Product Development Process discussed in Chapter 10 of your text. Your answers can be creative and to your own consumer preference; Gen Y is the target market for this new Product! Questions: 1) New-Product Strategy Development: Define the concept for this show in terms of the overall market. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is best), how would you rate the idea for this show relative to others you have seen or thought of yourself? State one reason why. 2) Idea Generation: Build on the concept. Write down at least one idea to build on the concept for the show, such as setting, characters, or idea for an episode. 3) Screening and Evaluation: Eliminate bad ideas. Write down the worst idea included in the concept for the show. BCOR2400 HW #3 1
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Write down an idea (within a marketing program) that could help increase sales of this concept. 5) Development: Turning the idea into a prototype. Would you recommend this concept for a TV series, or a movie? 6) Market Testing: Will people buy? Is there an outcome or situation you’d like to see for one of the characters? Is there something the audience would like to see or learn from the show? Name one. 7) Commercialization: Full scale positioning and launch. How would you position the concept? Drama, comedy? BCOR2400 HW #3
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BCOR2400%20HW3 - BCOR-2400 Fall 2009: Homework #3 Your...

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