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The Development of American Musical Theatre Fall 2009 Core Viewing Assignment: My Fair Lady 1) What is the real reason Professor Higgins decides to train Eliza? While Higgins and Pickering are discussing vowels at Higgins’s home Eliza shows up for her lessons to become a lady. Pickering, thinking that Higgins will not make good on his claim to Eliza wagers him this, betting payment for Eliza’s lessons. This wager is the real reason behind Eliza’s training and it can be seen when Higgins ignores Eliza after she fools Kartpathy at the ball. 2) Do you think “I Could Have Danced All Night” is a love song? Why or why not? 3) Who do you think Higgins and Pickering are celebrating during the song, “You Did It?” They are celebrating the fact that the experiment was now over. The song is not celebrating Eliza for becoming a lady, but rather directed towards Higgins for succeeding in their wager. His misogynistic attitude cares only that he was able to fool Karpathy, not really caring about Eliza.
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