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The Development of American Musical Theatre Fall 2009 Core Viewing Assignment: West Side Story 1) What do you see in the opening frames of the film and in the first sequence of choreography? What do you think this might be telling you about what you are about to see throughout the musical? 2) What is the difference between the outlook of the men and the perspective of the women during the Sharks’ song, “America?” 3) What important shift is happening within the power structure of the Jets’ gang during the song “Cool?” See Back From your Textbook: Composer:
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Unformatted text preview: Lyricist: Book Written by: Source Material Title and Author: Director/Choreographer Year (Broadway Opening): 4) What is your opinion about the dancing in this musical? Does the choreographer do a good job of expressing the violence and raw issues of the story through dance? (Be specific with your answer. Reference specific moments in the musical.) 5) Overall, do you think West Side Story offer a message of hope or a message of despair? (Use specific examples from them musical and take into account the ending in order to form your answer.) See Back...
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