Evoked%20Conctractions%20Lab - IPHY 4720 Neurophysiology...

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IPHY 4720 Neurophysiology Evoked Contractions Lab Vocabulary Ca 2+ disinhibition cross-bridge excitation-contraction coupling frequency myofilament sarcomere sarcoplasmic reticulum synaptic cleft transverse tubule vesicle Artificial Electrical Stimulation of Muscle The Grass SD9 Stimulator will be set up with the following settings: FREQUENCY - 50 Hz (black knob on 5 PPS and gray switch on x10) DURATION - 0.1 ms VOLTS - 10 V STIMULUS - regular POLARITY - normal OUTPUT - mono Fix a pair of self-adhesive electrodes on the skin over belly of the biceps brachii muscle, about one inch apart. The electrodes are then connected to the red and black output terminals of the stimulator. With the subject in a standing position, and the instrumented arm hanging in a relaxed position, the exercise involves observing how much the arm is displaced for the different levels of activation. The muscle is activated by gradually increasing the amplitude of the electrical stimulation to the maximal tolerable level. Begin with the
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Evoked%20Conctractions%20Lab - IPHY 4720 Neurophysiology...

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