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Biomechanics IPHY 4540 Ground Reaction Forces Purpose: The purpose of this lab session is to increase your understanding of the ground reaction forces that occur during walking, running, jumping etc. . You will have the opportunity to collect and analyze the forces that you exert walking and running at a variety of speeds. After you have collected and analyzed your ground reaction forces as suggested, you should use the force platform to test a few hypotheses of your own. Everyone in the class should have the opportunity to stand, hop, walk, run etc. on the force platform while watching the output from the force platform on the computer screen. Try and get an understanding of when and why the force signal increases or decreases. For example as you lower yourself, does the vertical force increase or decrease? What happens when you reach the bottom and reverse your vertical velocity? Recall that F=ma and m doesn't change. In the vertical direction, F = mg + ma Methods: You should collect the summed vertical force (Fv) on channel 1 of the computer and the summed horizontal force (Fh) on channel 2. To calibrate and set up the computers: 1.   Open  BIOPAC  software by double clicking on the  BIOPAC Pro 3.7  icon. 2. Plug the cable labeled “vertical” into Channel 1 and the cable labeled “horizontal”  into Channel 2. 3. Set up the 2 channels you will use and the rate of data acquisition. a. Go to the  MP35 Menu  and select  set up channels b. Check all the boxes for CH 1 and CH2. c. Stay in the  MP35  Menu,  set up   channels … Under the  Presets  Menu for  CH1 , click the upside down arrow and choose  Force (0-1000g) . d.
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ForcePlatformLab%202007F-1 - Biomechanics IPHY 4540 Ground...

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