Hedwig%20CV%20F09 - the inner life of this character...

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The Development of American Musical Theatre Fall 2009 Core Viewing Assignment: Hedwig and the Angry Inch Information to know (not in your text): Book Written by: John Cameron Mitchell Character of Hedwig created and performed by: John Cameron Mitchell Composer & Lyricist: Stephen Trask Production Runs: 1998-2000 Off-Broadway, plus show dates based in numerous cities around the world, plus touring shows Short Essay: As you watch the film, analyze what you see as the deepest desire of the character Hedwig; the one thing you can identify that seems to act as a through line for
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Unformatted text preview: the inner life of this character throughout the production. How are elements of musical theatre and/or film used to reveal and communicate this desire? Use three specific examples from the musical in your answer. Hints for a successful short essay: Start with a clear thesis. State your points of analysis clearly and back them up efficiently and succinctly with concrete, descriptive, specific examples from the musical. Wrap up your ideas with a strong concluding sentence....
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Hedwig%20CV%20F09 - the inner life of this character...

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