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Homework 1 - d Where did that energy go Why did I have to...

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HW #1 due at the beginning of class Wednesday January 20. All further homework is due in class every Monday. 1. ( 8 points) R and K Problem 1.8, amplified A bicyclist on a flat road expends energy at the rate of 60 watts while traveling at a steady pace. a) How many Joules of energy are expended in a five minute ride? b) How many kilocalories (the dieticians’ kind) are expended in that five minutes? c) The rider’s lunch can provide 4 kcal/gram. How much lunch was consumed in that five minutes? Assume 100% efficiency in converting food to biking, which is not the case.
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Unformatted text preview: d) Where did that energy go? Why did I have to specify a flat road and a steady pace? 2. (12 points) R and K problem 11, altered. A windmill on a stormy day with 35 mph winds generates 1200 watts of electrical power that is used to heat water. A bathtub holds 40 gallons of water at 10 deg. C, and you wish to heat that water to 40 deg C. How long will you have to wait? Assume that 100% of the electrical power is converted into heat....
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