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IPHY 4440: Endocrinology Fall 2009 Section 001 Tues-Thurs 12:30-01:45 BESC 180 Instructor: Professor David O. Norris Dept. of Integrative Physiology Contact: David.Norris@Colorado.edu Office: Ramaley N368 303-492-8379 Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3:15 p.m. Thursday 2-3:15 p.m. Other times by appointment Recitation Instructors: Brent Herron Sec 11, 15, 16 Janessa Jacobs Sec 12, 14 Margaret Whitford Sec 13 Norris: Current Research: Environmental Endocrinology Neuroendocrine (brain, pituitary) control of thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive functions of fishes and amphibians with special interest in the role of environmental factors (natural and anthropogenic) that alter the activities of these systems during development, sexual maturation, reproduction, and aging. Recent studies in my laboratory have focused on the effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on sexual differentiation, reproductive system development ,stress responses, and sexual differentiation and reproduction in relation to exposure to wastewater and their implications for wildlife and human health. Since the mid 1980s, I have been studying the effects of environmental pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals, estrogenic chemicals, etc.) that are capable of disrupting endocrine systems. Our discovery of intersex fishes in Boulder Creek in relation to wastewater treatment effluents was featured on NBC News, National Public Radio, and in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Norris: Current Research: Forensic Botany My research activity in forensic botany began in the early 1980s with a colleague, Dr. Jane Bock. I do consulting work and basic research on the identification of plant food materials in gastric, intestinal, and fecal samples from homicide victims and related forensic uses of plant. I also testify as an expert witness in court. This work has been featured in several television programs on forensic science(Court TV’s Forensic Files and The New Detectives and Extreme Forensics ) Our work has appeared in numerous
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IPHY 4440 Endocrinology Fall 2007 national newspapers, magazines, and books. Course Description We will examine the hypothalamus-pituitary system of the mammalian endocrine system as well as some more independent endocrine glands. Emphasis will be on the more traditional bioregulators including hormones and neurohormones. Specific attention will be made to biochemistry, biosynthesis, metabolism, and mechanisms of action of regulators as well as their roles in major homeostatic systems at the organism level. Connections to major human disorders and environmental problems will be made when appropriate. Objectives During this brief semester, you have the opportunity to learn many of the "secrets" of decoding the complex endocrine literature with its massive jargon. Furthermore, each student successfully completing the course should be able to attend seminars in endocrinology offered at any college or university and understand most of the material presented and easily incorporate new information into his/her knowledge base. In addition, the
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IPHY%204440%20Syllab%20F09-1 - IPHY 4440: Endocrinology...

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