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What is the kinematics project??? Option 1. Kinematic model: Much of what we have done in class involves solving simple physics equations for one solution, having been given/assumed initial conditions. More often, we want to understand how different variables interact and affect key outcome variables. Some might call that modeling. That is, given the sets of equations, which variable has the greatest influence on the outcome. For example, in a falling situation, which has a bigger effect? Initial velocity or time. Or one might model what the various limits are to some outcome variable or one might set a limit to one variable and model the various combinations that still stay below that limit. Such models would use a computer program such as excel, or something more sophisticated. For example, many people are injured in snowboard terrain parks due to falling from a large vertical height. One solution is to ban snowboarding. Not a good idea. But, can you model the relationship between slope angle before a jump, initial velocity, slope
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