Midterm2%202006F%2030.0 - exam# _ Midterm Exam 2...

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exam# _______ Midterm Exam 2 Biomechanics IPHY 4540 Fall 2005 circle your TA/lab Jon Kenji Chris Tuesday Chris Thursday Print Name _______________________________________ The exam has 4 questions. Each problem is worth 1 point, i.e. 1/4 th of your grade for this exam. You should at least try to answer all questions and show your work because partial credit will be given. You must draw large enough for us to grade, write legibly and clearly erase. Please note the bold type indicates where you need to do something . Pay attention to specific text that is underlined . After you are given permission to begin , write your exam number on each page . On my honor, as a University of Colorado at Boulder student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this work. ______________________________ sign name
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exam# _______ 1. A person is jogging on the hilly sidewalks of Boulder. Draw two graphs of the ground reaction forces vs. time for a 50kg person running down a 15 degree slope. The sidewalk is dry. They are maintaining a steady pace, i.e. they are not accelerating from step to step; but they are going downhill. Draw the left graph for the force perpendicular (normal) to the sidewalk. Draw the right graph for the forward-backward GRF parallel to the ground . Label axes, indicate force magnitudes and approximate times
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Midterm2%202006F%2030.0 - exam# _ Midterm Exam 2...

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