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Name __________________________ Circle your Lab Section: Thurs 8 10:30 1 3:30 Quiz #2 Biomechanics IPHY 4540 1. Name the primary movement that the erector spinae muscle causes during a concentric action. 2. Name the concentric and eccentric actions of the rectus femoris. 3. Describe using anatomical terms (words) for positions, directions and movements at each of the joints involved for the following: Start from the anatomical position and make an obscene gesture to Professor
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Unformatted text preview: Kram at the front of the room. The most common gesture will probably involve a single finger, but others would be perfectly acceptable. Note that for this question, you do not need to name the muscles, just the movements. 4. For the muscle fiber arrangements below, assume that each sarcomere can exert a force = F and each sarcomere can contract at a velocity = V. For each arrangement, quantify the force and the velocity, e.g. F = 3F, V = 2V...
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