Lecture 1 - Intro Macro - Neil Sheflin...

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1 1 Intro Macro - Neil Sheflin http://sakai.rutgers.edu Resources: Syllabus, Textbook chapters 1, 2, Assignments, Slides, HW figures Announcements, email Chat – asynchronous Email NO http://econweb.rutgers.edu/sheflin 2 Some of What We Will Deal With: Recession, Inflation, Deflation, Depression, Sub-prime mess, Unemployment, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Growth, Sub-prime, CDOs, Real GDP, Phillips Curve, Flexible Exchange Rates, Federal reserve, Inflation Targeting, Rules versus Discretion, Milton Friedman, Ben Bernanke, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Neil Sheflin, 401k, Econometric Models, Free Lunch, Automatic Stabilizers, Crowding Out, Supply Side Economics, Real Business Cycles, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, Selling Short, Major, Careers, i-Banking, Trader Joes and more 3 What’s Doing in the News?
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2 4 More About the Course Special Permission NOT , Add/Drop Text – Samuelson Nordhaus Macro 19e Purchase/ 18 e Sakai CMS Mult. choice HW, Midterm, chat boards,
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Lecture 1 - Intro Macro - Neil Sheflin...

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