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Name: _____________________________ Section: __________ Problem #1 (20 points): A 3 mm diameter cord (E c = 7 GPa) is covered with a 0.5 mm plastic sheath (E s = 14 GPa) and subjected to an axial tensile load. The cord is limited to a normal stress of 15 MPa, and the sheath can withstand a normal stress of 56 MPa. Calculate: (a) The maximum allowable tensile load. (b) The stresses in the cord and sheath, for the load in part (a). 3 mm 4 mm plastic sheath cord
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_____________________________ Section: __________ Problem #2 (20 points): A rigid bar ABCD is supported by a pin at A and by wires BE and CF. A vertical load P = 250 lb is applied at point D. Each wire is steel (E = 30 × 10 6 psi) with a diameter of 0.0625 in. Before loading, the wires were initially taut and the bar was horizontal. Neglect the weights of the bar and wires in this analysis. Calculate: (a) The internal forces in wires BE and CF. (b) The deflection of point D.
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220F09_axial_indeterminate - Name: _ Section: _ Problem #1...

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