alanna and todd rap

alanna and todd rap - Before you can even start you will...

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When u see me u will look twice Watch your baby momma I got that shit that’s nice While im out in public I be so impolite Take ur bottom lip and have a bite Things are bout to get outta control If you cant handle this take a step and roll Ill stop right there like leave it to beaver Shit u know ill never leave her Im her savior, protector, foundation of life Pretty soon ill just make her my wife I be makin so much money Watch im about to get ur honey Shit all my niggas think its funny Till she pumps up and down lke the energizer bunny Blastin off on this hollow tip Bend ur ass back before you receive a hit I will let go of this whole clip Till you stop acting like a bitch and take that sip You know this prometh will get u lit
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Unformatted text preview: Before you can even start you will wanna quit Man I got the best shit im so legit Tip toe across my land If you step any farther youll receive a backhand Walk or run pussy but you wont stand You don’t even know I be ridin wit the Ku Klux Klan. You’ll hear me coming before I come into your sight When I leave you youll be left with fright Leave your damnation, your shit aint tight Back off you mother fucker, god didn’t make you right You sound like a bitch ill leave u wit a stitch I’ll knock you out like a light switch Your skinny ass will still be wearing that Abercrombie and fitch Watch when I touch your girl, how she will twitch...
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alanna and todd rap - Before you can even start you will...

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