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cover letter strong resp.

cover letter strong resp. - By informing my audience of...

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Todd Stahoviak English 104 Jason Pete 9 March 2009 Cover Letter The audience I wanted to appeal to is my classmates. I wrote this essay to show that although this may be a good idea, Botstein does not propose his ideas well. The content of my essay has examples where Botstein doesn’t support his ideas, which will help me achieve my purpose for writing this response. I put my ideas in a logical order so that my audience will be able to follow along and understand the purpose of my essay. I wrote this response to inform my audience that Botstein’s article in ineffective.
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Unformatted text preview: By informing my audience of these facts I feel it is easier to persuade them. While writing this essay I initially found it difficult to respond to the essay the way I wanted. I asked myself problematic questions to help me get through my struggles, but after this essay I learned that I can pose questions to help me write just about anything. As a writer I have learned how to use quotes in my writings. As a reader I don’t really feel I gained much at all. As a thinker I have learned ease my way through the process a lot better than I used to....
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