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Stahoviak 1 Todd Stahoviak Mrs. Roach English 104 9 December 2009 (Revised) Teenage Drinking Teenagers around the United States constantly make decisions to partake in underage drinking. Except most of the time they make the wrong decision and choose to partake in underage drinking. At almost any gathering of teenagers, chances are they will be partaking underage drinking. “Seventy-four percent of high school students have had one or more drinks of alcohol during their lifetime (Swayze).” After finding this fact I was motivated to ask questions. Why do teens feel the need to participate in illegal underage drinking? Also, why do they have such an immense temptation to do unsafe and harmful activities? Why do teenagers feel the need to drink? Most will say peer pressure while some will say curiosity, to relieve stress, or relax. Teens do not always seem to be thinking of the consequences when they make the choices that they make. Rarely do I hear teens contemplating on whether they should drink or not. Any health expert would tell you there are severe consequences such as health issues, unsafe risks, and an early addiction to alcohol. It is true that teens may take risks that they normally would not take, for instance driving drunk. This makes me wonder if drinking could be made safer by enacting different laws for younger ages of drinking. So I started my search to find more information and I stumbled across an article titled College Presidents Seek Drinking Age Debate . In this article presidents from several colleges
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Stahoviak 2 around the world debate on many of the consequences and benefits if the drinking age were to be lowered. If teens are going to drink anyway, how can we make it safer? “Never drink just for the sake of drinking, as a game or contest, or with the aim of getting drunk or forgetting troubles” (Dwight B. Heath- Research Professor of Anthropology: Presidents Seek Drinking Age Debate). If every teenager followed his advice, there would be virtually no problems with
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exploratory essay - Stahoviak 1 Todd Stahoviak Mrs Roach...

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