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makin children hate reading

makin children hate reading - This piece can possibly...

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Todd Stahoviak Mrs. Roach English 104 September 21, 2009 Elementary Hatred toward Literary Works Making mistakes while reading in front of your peers at a young age can be quite problematic for a child. When teachers make students read aloud in class they are subject to making a mistake and getting possibly laughed at or asked what they think the word is which embarrasses the student. This piece makes people realize some of the negative consequences of having children read aloud in class. It also shows teachers other methods to get their students to read without having any worries of getting embarrassed.
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Unformatted text preview: This piece can possibly change the way elementary teachers teach. This piece was interesting to me because I can relate to it. One day when I was in 4 th grade we were reading a story aloud in class and I had been called upon. While I was reading my part I mispronounced a word and the teacher quickly corrected. This made me upset because I knew what the word was and she didn’t even give me a chance to correct myself. I wouldn’t take anything out of this piece; the information that’s in it now is excellent for informing someone elementary literacy....
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