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poem response - no one understood what he had to say or...

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Stahov 1 Todd Stahoviak Jason Pete Eng. 104 2 March 09 Poem Response The poem I chose to write a response to is called Not Waving but Drowning. This poem stuck out to me because the poet is basically saying that if you don’t try to be social you won’t be happy in life. Instead of waving to people or being social with them the man is just drowning or sinking lower into depression. No one is hearing the man simply because he isn’t making a big enough effort to go out and have a socially happy life. The poet says, “Nobody heard him, the dead man,” he is referring to the man as being dead since no one is hearing what he has to say since he is living in such loneliness he has just given up all hope on trying to be heard. Furthermore, the man was only moaning which means he obviously wasn’t being loud or trying to be heard. Even more, the moaning man could have not even been speaking clear at all, maybe
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Unformatted text preview: no one understood what he had to say or what his words even meant. The man may have loved larking due to his loneliness, this allowed him to escape off into his own world and forget about everything that was going on around him. He may have been off in fantasy land so much that he forgot about the real world and never thought he would be able to get along with anyone again. The poet says it was always to cold for the moaning man so cold his heart gave way, but he poet then says no, no, no it was always to cold, infers that the man was used to this lifestyle and wasn’t really looking for a change. Lastly, the man felt so separated from everything that he didn’t even belong in society and couldn’t even make a change and have a healthy and happy social life....
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