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Stahoviak 1 Todd Stahoviak Mrs. Roach English 104 9 December 2009 (Revised) Lower Drinking is Better Thinking After researching teen drinking I found that our current drinking age is ineffective. It was over twenty years ago when the law was first enforced. The law has failed its overall objective, which is to prevent Americans under the age of 21 to drink alcoholic beverages of any sort. As Americans we must ask ourselves if kids have stopped underage drinking since the law has been made. The answer is no. The federal government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health says, “In 2005, the most recent year for which complete figures are available, eighty percent of twenty-year-old Americans reported that they had used alcohol previous that month” (MSNBC). There are definitely some ways we can make drinking laws that will be effective and safer. The drinking age should be lowered. A change in our drinking laws would also be able to help out college campuses. Teenagers who are college bound often get to college and take drinking to the most extreme level. Teenagers should know how to drink properly. Teaching responsible drinking to eighteen-year-olds can be beneficial when they may go to college. Teens lack responsible drinking because they learn how to drink from other immature teens. If eighteen-year-olds were able to drink with parents they could learn how to drink responsibly and socially. For example, having a drink or two at a restaurant, a glass of wine at dinner, or drinking at a family party. Being mature and responsible are good characteristics for teenagers.
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Stahoviak 2 “Just like during national Prohibition, the law has pushed and forced underage drinking and youthful drinking underground, where we have no control over it” (Collins). If we changed our drinking laws, we might be able to monitor drinking and make it safer. Most countries have
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position paper NEW - Stahoviak 1 Todd Stahoviak Mrs. Roach...

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