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Todd Stahoviak 1 Todd Stahoviak Eng.104 12-1- 08 Position Paper Giving all the authority to one individual is not an effective way when using the decision making process. One person making a huge decision would be terrific for them since, they no matter what will get the outcome that they want. When having different ideas thrown into the mix of things it will make a better outcome for the decision. Furthermore, having a diverse group of people can be a positive to the outcome of the choice. All in all, having group decisions are an excellent way to reach a conclusion to a problem. A very effective way in group decision making known as the Standard Agenda is to use reflective thinking. Reflective thinking uses a specific way to get a solution to a problem. The first step is to identify the problem that is going to be discussed. Next, discuss the positives and negatives that are obvious in the problem. Third, know the main objectives trying to be achieved in the decision making process. Also, it is good to come up with as many solutions as possible before selecting only one. Last, put the final decision that was made into action. Reflective thinking is one of many ways to reach an excellent outcome to a group decision.
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position paper peer - Todd Stahoviak 1 Todd S tahoviak...

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