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summary and strongresponseFINAL - Stahov1 Todd Stahoviak...

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Stahov1 Todd Stahoviak English 104 Susan Roach 21 October, 2009 A Younger Adulthood People say college is the best time of your life, but what they don’t realize is how valuable high school is. High school allows kids to develop their social skills with one another. This will make them more prepared for college since they will not be so shy and afraid to talk to other students, or even teachers. High school is an unforgettable time for teenagers. In Leon Botstein’s article “Let Teenagers Try Adulthood” he writes about how high school should be revised and why we should allow teenagers to enter into the real world two years earlier than the proposed age now. In the article, he mainly focuses on the negative aspects of current high school and states that high schools of today are obsolete. Botstein claims that high school is an insider and outsider world that sways for the insiders who have the good looks and attractiveness, popularity, and sports prowess. He also states there are too many groups, saying that high school is dominated mainly by athletics, which is often based on how well the varsity team does. Botstein points out that many teachers are coaches who give unfair advantages to students that play sports. Also he mentions that high schools have poor training and recruitment for teachers. Education holds no interest in high schoolers when they have a bad recruitment of teachers by their school corporation.
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summary and strongresponseFINAL - Stahov1 Todd Stahoviak...

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