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Review Sheet - Final - Calculate Standard Deviations Be...

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Review Sheet for the Final: OPRE 330 Prof. Clark Spring 2009 The following is a good study “guide” but it is not necessarily all encompassing for the final. Study the chapters from the book with a focus on what we’ve gone over in class. Your lecture notes, the materials in the book, past quiz questions, and everything on this review sheet are all fair game for the test. Know the symbols for the following. Standard error of the mean Population mean of all possible means Sample size Sample variance Sample standard deviation t value given a certain amount of degrees of freedom Population standard deviation Population mean Population variance Sample mean Know the definitions/recognize applications of the following terms. Sampling Distribution Z Values Sampling Distribution of the mean The Normal Distribution Point Estimate Confidence Interval The Empirical Rule Critical Value Cluster Sampling Sample vs. Population Stratified Sampling Degrees of Freedom Be able to apply the following concepts without any equations being given.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate Standard Deviations Be able to use chart E.2 for Z values Be able to use chart E.3 for t values Calculate the Mean and Mode Extreme Value impact on Mean/Median/Mode Find the Range Know how to do the following type of problems if given the equations. Calculate the Median Calculating an Interquartile Range and find Quartiles Q1 and Q3 Find and interpret a Z score in relation to outliers Utilize the Transformation Equation and Normal Distribution charts (Ch. 6) Sampling Distribution problems given the Probability or given the Mean (chapter 7) Confidence Interval Estimations with a Known Standard Deviation (chapter 8.1) Confidence Interval Estimations with an Unknown Population Standard Deviation Calculating Sample Size given the Population Standard Deviation Calculating Sample Size given the 6σ rule with an Unknown Standard Deviation...
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