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PERCEPTIONS OF CLIMATE CHANGE This survey is intended to assess what individuals think about some issues that relate to global warming. Survey was developed by Oveta Popjoy, University of Baltimore. A. Please rank your concern about the following from 1 to 6 as problem areas. (1 = the greatest concern, and 6 = the least concern) 1. Economy ___ 2. Education ___ 3. Environment ___ 4. Ethics and Values ___ 5. Safety ___ 6. Health ___ B. Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following issues. Strongly Agree = SA; Agree = A; Undecided = UN; Disagree = D; Strongly Disagree = SD 1. Global warming is a myth. SA A UN D SD 2. Global warming is a man-made problem. SA A UN D SD 3. Global warming has a man-made solution. SA A UN D SD 4. Corporations contribute to global warming. SA A UN D SD 5. Consumer demand contributes to global warming. SA A UN D SD 6. Corporations contribute more than individuals. SA
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Survey_Questionnaire_Environment - PERCEPTIONS OF CLIMATE...

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