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Team Peer Review Name: Team: Date: To ensure the success of the team and help your teammates develop their team skills, it is necessary for you to periodically evaluate each other as team members. This Team Peer Review Sheet helps you to just that. Rate each of your teammates on the following criteria. Give a six (6) for the highest score and a one (1) for the lowest. Write comments and explanations for low scores on the back of this form. Team Member Names: Participation Attends meetings on time and is totally prepared
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Unformatted text preview: Takes an active part in all team activities Can be relied on to finish assigned tasks on time Communication Expresses her ideas or opinions openly Expresses her ideas or opinions clearly Listens with an open mind and respectfully to others Is open to suggestions, sometimes adopting them Collaboration Help others when needed Team Commitment Acts in the best interests of the team at all times Quality of Work Can be depended on to consistently do high quality work Average Team Member Explanation...
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