Homework 6 - Q Is a person’s personality more influenced by heredity or environment A heredity Question 4 Submit a question on anything that you

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General Psychology Recitation Homework #6 – Due October 23, 2007 Paul Shapiro Question 1 : Briefly describe the effect of day care on the development of children. Child care has a neglegable effect on the development of children. Question 2 : Describe the three assumptions of behaviorism. Behaviorist mistakes are the ineffectiveness of of mental explanations, determinism, and the power of the environment to effect behaviors. Question 3: ( Generate a question of interest based on the assigned recitation readings; include your response. Your question and response will be shared with the class.)
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Unformatted text preview: Q: Is a person’s personality more influenced by heredity or environment? A: heredity Question 4: ( Submit a question on anything that you have come across in this week’s readings or lecture that remains unclear.) Why are we going over archaic concepts of psychology? . Your answers are to be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font , and placed in the recitation drop box by 10:00am on Tuesday, each week . Your answers should be in complete sentences, spell-checked and grammatically correct. Your answers do not need to be lengthy to be complete and correct....
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