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University of Baltimore Robert G. Merrick School of Business Intermediate Accounting II Computer Project D. Scott Emge, CPA Fall 2009 Requirements : Using Excel, prepare an amortization schedule for Exercise 14-10 on page 742 of your text. Be sure to set up the spreadsheet so as not to exceed the page width of the printer, with the columns wide enough to display the formula input. Label your solutions and make your printout easily readable. Include in the upper portion of your template the data input information from the exercise. All numbers except dates in the remainder of your solution should be generated by equations referencing the cells containing the data input information. DO NOT type numbers into the cells in the remainder of your template. Instead, construct equations which reference the data input cells to generate the numbers required to solve the problem. DO NOT include numerical present value factors in your data input information. If required, use the present value function in Excel
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