ACCT302 FA09 Syllabus

ACCT302 FA09 Syllabus - University of Baltimore Merrick...

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University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business ACCT 302 – Intermediate Accounting II Fall 2009 | Thu 5:30pm-8:00pm BC321 Instructor: Scott Emge Email: Office: BC466 Office Hours: By appointment Course Objectives A. To review in detail the major issues related to the following topics in financial accounting: 1. time value of money concepts 2. operational assets 3. investments 4. bonds and long-term notes 5. stockholders’ equity 6. earnings per share B. To develop the student’s analytical, written, and problem solving abilities in accounting. C. To develop the student’s information technology capabilities related to accounting (e.g., spreadsheets, internet research, online accounting databases.) Required Course Materials Intermediate Accounting , 5 th Edition, Spiceland, Sepe, Nelson and Tomassini, McGraw-Hill, 2009 Course Requirements Similar to other accounting courses, this course is a continuation of consistent and focused hard work. Careful preparation prior to each class, attendance and active participation in class, combined with completion of recommended problems, are the most effective ways to ensure that you will gain the most from this course. The assigned exercises and problems are the minimum preparation, to be supplemented by additional exercises and problems on those topics in which the student needs additional practice. The
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ACCT302 FA09 Syllabus - University of Baltimore Merrick...

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