BB215001S Advanced Financial Accounting

BB215001S Advanced Financial Accounting - Module Definition...

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Module Definition Form (MDF) 1. Module Title: maximum 100 characters Advanced Financial Accounting 2a. Module Leader: 2b. Department: 2c. Faculty: Natalie Kite Ashcroft International Business School 3a. Level: see guidance notes 3b. Module Type: see guidance notes 2 Standard 4a. Credits: see guidance notes 4b. Study Hours: see guidance notes 15 150 5. Restrictions Pre-requisites: BB215004S Financial Accounting Co-requisites: None Exclusions: None Pathways to which this module is restricted: None LEARNING, TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT INFORMATION 6a. Module Description: 200 – 300 words This module develops basic accounting concepts, covered in the Financial Accounting module. The requirements and complexities of the conceptual frameworks underpinning Financial Accounting are explored both in respect of the regulatory framework in the U.K. and in terms of the International Accounting Standards. Any study of group accounting must necessarily include the requirements of the International Accounting Standards as all listed groups in the EU must now prepare accounts in accordance with these standards. The module will provide students with the underpinning skills and knowledge for more in depth advanced
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BB215001S Advanced Financial Accounting - Module Definition...

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