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Advanced Accounting Ninth Edition by Hoyle/Schaefer/Doupnik Key Figures in Selected Problems (Check figures for multiple choice questions not provided.) CHAPTER 16 P16-29 – Beginning budgetary fund balance = $200,000 credit P16-30 – Fund-based financial statements, expenditures = $89,400 P16-31 – Fund-based financial statements, capital projects fund, other financing sources = $1,890,000 P16-32c – Government-wide financial statements has no entry P16-33e – Fund-based financial statements, encumbrances of $94,000 are removed while expenditures of $96,000 are recognized P16-34f – Fund-based financial statements, deferred revenues = $90,000 P16-35f – Issuance of long-term liabilities or transfer from another fund P16-36g – Expenditures = $1,261,600 P16-37f – Fund-based financial statements, expenditures = $1 million
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Unformatted text preview: Government-wide financial statements, expenses = $100,000 P16-38 Ending fund balance = $280,000 P16-39a Government-wide financial statements, total assets = $411,000 P16-39b Fund-based financial statements, total assets = $133,000 P16-40 Increase in fund balance = $569,000 P16-41 Government-wide financial statements, total assets = $1,168,900 P16-46a Remove $10,000 revenue from capital projects fund P16-47 Reclassify reporting of $20,000 debt P16-48a Remove $9,000 revenue from general fund P16-49a Reclassify $108,000 recorded as revenue P16-50b - $108,000 should have been recorded as deferred revenue P16-51a - $320,000 not yet earned as revenue P16-52a Change in net assets is $150,000 increase...
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