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ME 3260 Measurement Techniques 2010 Report Grading Policy 1. Long Report: Overall quality (5%) Acknowledgment of existing knowledge (5%) Completeness of reported work (5%) Correctness of reported work (10%) Reference & Appendix (5%) Clarity in writing, figures, tables, etc. (5%) Report organization (5%) Theoretical analysis (15%) Experimentation (10%) Data interpretation & discussion (15%) Abstract (10%)
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusions (10%) 2. Short Report: Overall quality (10%) Introduction (15%) Results reported (Data presentation & discussion) (55%) Abstract (10%) Conclusions (10%) Notes: 1. Mark all problems in the report. 2. Write down comments on (a) major problems; (b) how to improve the report. 3. The average score of reports should fall in the range of 75-85 points. 4. Due date: one week after the lab is performed....
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