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Chronology: Peloponnesian Wars 490 B.C. First Persian War 480 B.C. Second Persian War 478 B.C. Spartans abdicate leadership 476 B.C. Formation of Delian League and Athenian Empire 464 B.C. Helot revolt in Sparta—Cimon’s pro-Sparta regime driven out, Athens makes alliance with Argos. 461 B.C. Outbreak of First Peloponnesian War—Megara joins Athenian alliance in exchange for help against Corinth. 445 B.C. Thirty-Year Truce 445-434 B.C. Ten years of peace—Athens founds Panhellenic colony at Thurii. 440 B.C. War between Samos and Miletus (two Athenian allies), Athens tests peace and other cities revolt, Corinth decides Spartan vote against war. 436-435 B.C. Crisis between Corinth and Corcyra over Epidamnus: A democratic faction revolts against the ruling oligarchs at Epidamnus and ejects the oligarchs. The democrats in Epidamnus then appeal for help to Corcyra. When Corcyra turns down the appeal, the democrats then successfully appeal for help from Corinth. Then, Corcyra gives its support to the exiled oligarchs, bringing
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