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Sheet1 Page 1 Definition Politics Goal Device Realism Security peace Nature of Man Nature of Society Realists believe that given competition for scarce resources with no one to serve as arbiter, a struggle for power will ensure among the competitors. This struggle for power can be explained without reference to the evil borne in humans. Struggle arises because people desire things or because people desire power. In the former case, power is a means to and end; in the latter, it is an end in itself. evil or driven for power competition for scare resources Power— national interests conceived in terms of power, regardless of long term goals of the state Balance of
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Unformatted text preview: Power (BoP)--stability or equilibrium Idealism (Neo-conservatism, Democratic Peace Theory, Neoliberalism, Constructivism) Idealists believe that a rational and moral political order, derived from universally valid abstract principles, can be achieved here and now. They assume the essential goodness of human nature and attribute the failure of the social order to a lack of knowledge and understanding, obsolescent social institutions, or the depravity of certain, isolated individuals and groups. basically good harmony of interests cooperate on 90% of solvable problems/ supranational code of morality collective security/ hegemony...
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