INTA 2100 Exam 3 Study Guide

INTA 2100 Exam 3 Study Guide - The Ottoman Empire Russia...

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Exam 3 Study Guide INTA 2100 Chronology of the Interwar Period 1919 Treaty of Versailles 1923 Ruhr Crisis and Dawes Plan January 1925 Locarno Agreement 1929 Young Plan 30 January 1933 Hitler appointed Chancellor 1936 Germany reoccupies Rhineland, Spanish Civil War 1937 Germany repudiates war guilt clause of Versailles Treaty 1938 Anschluss, Munich Conference, Kristallnacht 1939 Germany occupies Czechoslovakia, Nazi-Soviet Pact 1 September 1939 German invasion of Poland 10 May 1940 German invasion of Holland, Belgium, France 22 June 1940 France signs armistice with Germany Define Treaty of Versailles (including Clause 231): Weimar Republic: Dawes Plan: Locarno Agreement: 10 Year Rule:
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Rhineland: Ruhr Region: Munich Agreement (and Munich analogy): Danzig: Sudetenland: Anschluss: Identify: Neville Chamerlain: Churchill: Stresemann: Benes: Mussolini: Hitler: Explain: What happened to the Austro-Hungarian Empire after WWI?
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Unformatted text preview: The Ottoman Empire? Russia? What was Germany's involvement in the Spanish Civil War? Italy's involvement? What were Germany's interests in 1919? France's? Great Britain's? Why was Britain committed to policies of appeasement and disarmament? What was the League of Nations? Why did it fail? What happened when Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931? What happened when Italy invaded Ethiopia (Abyssinia)? Explain the military cooperation between Russia and Germany after WWI. What was the effect of the Treaty of Versailles on the German people? What were the effects of reparations? What is Kagan's view of Hitler? Taylor's? Who does Kagan blame for WWII? Taylor? Describe British and French foreign policy following WWI. What did they fear? Describe the German invasion of France in 1940. Why did Hitler not attack France in 1939?...
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INTA 2100 Exam 3 Study Guide - The Ottoman Empire Russia...

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