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2100 Iraq Notes Why We Should Leave Iraq 1) Wrecking US economy 2) Already failed 3) Carnage too great to justify staying 4) Military stretched too thin Weakens US Other more dangerous threats Economic and political issues in Asia ignored 5) Consequences (reputation) of prolonging an illegal and illegitimate war 6) Promoting—not containing—Muslim resentment 7) Democratic Iraq would be an enemy of US 8) Since war began on false premises, it should be easy to end it 9) They will be better on their own hostility to occupying power 10) Wrong army skill set for the conflict
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Unformatted text preview: 11) “Mission accomplished” Why we should remain in Iraq 1) Humanitarian reasons (nation building) 2) Allay the regional security threat to Iraq—maintain Iraqi integrity 3) Military equipment left behind falling into the wrong hands 4) Protect our access to oil 5) Reputational aspects from past bad behavior 6) Adverse deterrent effect of failing 7) Support defense industrial base 8) Basing issue—as effects other regional allies 9) Create power vacuum 10) Regional presence 11) Democratic peace...
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