Cold War Chronology

Cold War Chronology - The Cold War First World: Capitalist...

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The Cold War First World: Capitalist Democracies; "developed" nations Second World: Communist/Socialist/Soviet states; industrializing but non-capitalist Third World: non-Communist "developing" or "undeveloped" economies 1945 - Yalta Conference divides Europe into spheres of influence WWII ends. - UN Founded 1946 - Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech in Fulton, MO 1947 - Truman Doctrine (for Greece and Turkey) affirms US support against Communist- sponsored subversion, "Containment" - Marshall Plan announced; USSR, fearing loss of control, keeps Czech, Fin, Polish and Hungarian governments from participating. 1948 - Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia - Berlin blockade begins, reaction to Western revival of German currency and industry. - US House Un-American Activities Committee opens hearings. 1949 - USSR explodes a-bomb - NATO founded - Communist forces unite Mainland China, establish People's Republic of China; - Guomindang Nationalists establish Republic of China on Taiwan. - COMECON begins coordination of Communist economies. - April - NATO founded. Members: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemborg, France, UK, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Iceland, Canada, US. - May - Berlin blockade ends after months of airlifted supplies - Sept. - West German state (German Federal Republic, FRG) declared - Oct. - East German state (German Democratic Republic, GDR) declared
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Cold War Chronology - The Cold War First World: Capitalist...

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