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Cedeno gateway recitation syllabus

Cedeno gateway recitation syllabus - General Psychology...

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General Psychology Recitation 01:830:101:R2 Fall 2007 Class Time: Wednesdays: 11:45 AM – 12:40 PM Class Location: Frelinghuysen Hall, A1, 611 George Street, NB Recitation TA: Linda Cedeno Email: [email protected] Office Location: Room 419, Tillett Hall, Livingston Campus Office Hours: By appointment Class Website https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal What are the purposes of the recitation in General Psychology? 1. To help you better understand the material covered in the lecture and textbook so that you can succeed in this class and gain an appreciation for psychology. 2. To help you learn valuable skills that can be used throughout your academic career, including: a) Basic writing proficiency b) Effective note-taking c) Good study habits d) How to conceptualize, prepare for, and take a multiple-choice exam How will we accomplish our goals? 1. We will address your questions about the lecture and textbook. 2. We will use discussions, demonstrations, and group activities to enhance your learning and retention of the material. 3. We will use small assignments and quizzes to augment your learning – and help you raise your grade. 4. We will practice effective writing, study habits, and test taking skills that can help you succeed in this class and throughout your academic career. Format of Recitation Class Recitation class is NOT meant to be another lecture. I will never stand in front of you for an hour and just talk at you. This recitation will be a time for you. The basic structure of the class will go something like this: 1) Weekly quiz (Tbd) 2) Discuss the homework 3) Do an activity or have a group discussion to deepen your understanding of the material or focus on effective writing, study habits, and test taking skills 4) Assign homework for next week and discuss upcoming assignments As you can see, most of recitation will rely on your being an active member of the class. Although I will have planned activities, most of the time will be spent on helping you with any problems or concerns you may be having. Therefore YOU MUST BE PREPARED ! Please do your work and be prepared to talk, ask questions, and be engaged in the course before you come into the class. Doing your work beforehand will ensure the most productive use of our time. Page 1 of 7
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General Psychology Recitation 01:830:101:R2 Fall 2007 Weekly Quizzes Tbd Weekly Homework Each week you will complete three items for homework: 1. Complete assigned readings. 2. Complete the answers to 2 short-answer questions (~ 3 sentences per question) from the relevant chapter. In addition you should: a. generate a question of interest based on the assigned recitation readings that you will pose to the class (be prepared to share your question and answer with the class each week).
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