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overhead_6a - 23 PSYCHOTHERAPIES 1 Psychoanalysis directive...

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Unformatted text preview: 23 PSYCHOTHERAPIES 1. Psychoanalysis directive to analyze unconscious Techniques: free association word association hypnosis . dream analysis 2. Nondirective or Client-centered Therapy (Uh Huh) The client has within him/herself the ability to solve the problems. The therapist acts as a nonevaluative, sympathetic sounding board. 3. Rational Therapy or Cognitive Therapy directive but conscious An attempt is made to change the way the client thinks about things and to help the client gain control over behaviors. A similar rationale is used with many currently popular therapies such as Gestalt and books such as Dyer's. 4. Transactional Analysis (TA) The techniques of analyzing transactions are used to construct a "life script" or do a “script analysis" where the characters are your parent, adult, and child and the people around you's parents, adults, and childs. ...
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