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overhead_10a - 37 Theories of Emotion Behavior Common Sense...

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Unformatted text preview: 37 Theories of Emotion Behavior Common Sense: Stimulus —> Emotion / Physiological Response “I see a bear. I am afraid. I run and my heart pumps.” Physiological Response —> Emotion James-Len e: Stimulus /' g \ Behavior "I see a bear. I run and my heart pumps. Then i feel afraid." /7 Emotion Cannon-Bard: Stimulus —> Brain Stem , _ \‘ Physrologlcal Response "I see a bear. The arousal center of my brain stem (reticular formation) is activated. Simultaneously a message is sent up to the cortex (emotion) and to the physiological systems.“ \ emotion 2> ‘ reticular activating formation to physiological systems . . - - Situation Cognitive Physrologlcal _ . , - - —>Context -——>Emot|on Labeling. Activation Label or - Schachter/ Singer Theory "l have physiological activation that charges me up. Depending upon the situation, context, or even label given to it, I feel a particular emotion." ...
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