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Mitchell starts to say something but I ignore him and continue to stare at the door  waiting for something to happen, something to get me out of this awful excuse for a  party. To my surprise the door opens and Kesley walks in, gorgeous as always, her figure  flawless although many do not know what she goes through each day to keep it that way.  Keeping any kind of secret in this small town is takes a ton of work. Her tossed blonde  curls bounce as she makes her way in to the foyer; to the host of the wonderful  obligation we were forced to attend. Why people make such a lavish show for their  animals is beyond my comprehension. Woo-hoo your animal made it through obedience 
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Unformatted text preview: school and has it’s own room while the two children bunk together. Kesley is too nice but that’s the reason we have been best friends since first grade. Her father gave her that ring when we were back in high school, she overanalyzed everything, picking her past actions apart, dissecting them and dwelled on the mistakes she made. Her father and I would tell her she was being too hard on herself but she was stubborn and determined to be perfect. She has always been perfect in my eyes. He spent months trying to get her calm down and enjoy life...
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