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8.29.06 - magnets pictures wooden statues fabric even the...

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Amy Callaway 8/29/2006 Barbara Haas The Kitchen, An Essential A slight left as you head towards the back of the house walking through  the living room is what most people call the kitchen but in this house it is the  family room. The kitchen in this house is of nice size and on the far back wall  looking out at the lake, is a shade of bright yellow that will make one smile by its  color alone. The windows are not embellished with blinds, so when the sun sets it  has been known to blind a few cooks. The room lacks somewhat in storage  space but is barely discernible unless someone takes a peek into the cabinets.  The many varieties of fish which adorn the walls are necessary to embellish the  room to it’s potential. The fish however are not only found on the walls but they  are pitchers, dish rags, plates, silverware, cups, Tupperware, bowls, pot holders, 
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Unformatted text preview: magnets, pictures, wooden statues, fabric, even the holder for the dish washing scrubby is a fish. This room is not only full of fish but quite often is full of people as well. The family gather in the kitchen at the end of the day to have a meal and communicate what is going on in there daily lives over a common interest, food. Good food is a necessity for every person and helps to create bonds between people who would not ordinarily share a common interest and food just so Amy Callaway 8/29/2006 Barbara Haas happens to be kept in the kitchen. When parties go on food is served and drinks are poured and unless the event is formal, the majority of time spent by guests is in the kitchen, which makes the kitchen the most important room in the house....
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8.29.06 - magnets pictures wooden statues fabric even the...

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