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Amy Callaway 9/19/06 Barbara Haas Rebirth The author, Willa Catha, of “A Wagner Matinee” succeeds in showing her  reader how her aunt comes alive during the performance. Catha describes her  aunt’s reactions to  A Wagner Matinee  as “strange moss which can lie on a dusty  shelf half a century, and yet, if placed in water, grows green again”. Catha  compares Aunt Georgina to a plant in a way being 
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Unformatted text preview: reborn . The play is compared with the water as a source of nourishment, without it neither the plant nor Aunt Georgina can live to their potential . Aunt Georginas face lights up with color much like that of the plant which begins to grow green once more. After years of the neglect a little nourishment goes a long way....
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