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Amy Callaway  The Islamic Religion Liang Cai The Hadith adds to the teachings of the Koran. It was collected by Abu Abdallah  Muhammad by orders of Caliph Oman the second. The Hadith includes the “main  religious duties of a Muslim are and how the individual relates to Allah”. Muhammad, a  prophet of Allah, constructed these rulings are his behalf. He explained the five things  Islam was founded upon: “testifying that there is no deity save Allah and that Muhammad  his Apostle, on performing prayer, on paying the legal alms, on the pilgrimage, and on  the fast of Ramadan”. The Hadith tells of respecting his faith and is not obsessed by 
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Unformatted text preview: greed or turns their back on need or takes advantage of the poor. It says how visions come from Allah and dreams from Satan. The Hadith also states how suicide is wrong and the no one should “wish for death because of any hardship that has befallen him. The reason for the Hadith is to teach Muslims values not taught in the Koran. it was not written by Allah himself it is credible because his Apostle Muhammad did, “The Hadith contains prescribed rules and behaviors that guide Muslims but are not offered in the Koran”....
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