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response4 - Ouyang Xiu also writes of Africa to convey the...

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Amy Callaway China “Discovers” Africa   Liang Cai Need for trade caused China to seek out different lands through travel to receive  products. The articles included in the text describe “China’s first awareness of Africa”.  During the Tang Dynasty period interactions with others was encouraged. A text written  by Duan Chengshi described a place he called Bobali, present day Somalia. He said the  people there “do not eat any of the five grains but only eat meat” and that they only wear  sheep-skins covering only certain body parts. The items they have for trade are ivory and  ambergris. They had foot soldiers to defend themselves against the Arabs who would  make frequent raids upon their villages. Chengshi is not a reliable source for he tells only  of his impressions of the people but he talks as to try and inform his people of Africa. 
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Unformatted text preview: Ouyang Xiu also writes of Africa to convey the country of Kenya in a more derogatory way. He says “Its people are black and their nature is fierce. They do not trade he says but drink heavily. He believes they are savages, “Their bodies are black a lacquer and they have frizzled hair”. He believes their only worth is in slavery. Again this source is unreliable because he is only telling the story through his eyes but is trying to educate others when he lets his emotions into his teachings. If one was to trust the arguments made in the documents one would be led to believe Africans are ignorant savages. But just because someone is different from another it does not make them insignificant or superior. China’s first impression of China if the documents were to be believed would be a wrong one....
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