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scan0010 - MIDTERM EXAM I(continued PROBLEM#5 6 TRUE or...

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Unformatted text preview: MIDTERM EXAM I (continued) PROBLEM #5 6 TRUE or FALSE ? “Given a positive integer k and a set A={a1,a2,a3,...,aN} of N‘ positive integers, it is an NP decision problem to determine whether there exist” different non-empty subsets X g A and Y Q A such that e sum of the elements of X equals k and the sum of the elements of Y also equals k " 4 El TRUE or E] FALSE? (Check the box corresponding to your answer, and explain below why you chose the answer you did) A < 6"“1367? 7“ ”f“ 79%»??ng ”M A 1", s" 3 ,2 701 é)(/)jvvm ‘: 0/ J/ A ...
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