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scan0003 - Shp25do utility This example was created with...

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Unformatted text preview: Shp25do utility This example was created with the line shp2sdo mocities —g location —x \(—lBO,lBO\) -y \(n90,90\) -s 8307 -t 0.005 scriptl contains this line ......... The executable is shp2sdo in this folder The inputs are mocities.shp, mocities.shx, and mocities.dbf The outputs are mocities.sql, mocities.ctl and mocities.dat The next step is to set up the tables and the metadata using SQL> start mocities which runs the mocities.sql file To insert data into the tables one does :«sxflldriusrname/‘”Ts*crdtcfe s” ‘ edu mocitiesfctl/ OR > sqlldr usrhame/ u 7 .cdu‘Eofitrol:nocities After loading into Oracle, to conform to current standards you should execute EXECUTE SDO_MIGRATE.T07CURRENT('mocities','geom'); Script 1— shp2sdo mocities -g location —x \(-180,l80\) -y \(—90,90\) -s 8307 copying shp2sdo as near as i can tell, all permission are in order for you to copy the executable file shp25do---you will have to give it execute permission yourself the command should be cp ~eckberq/spatial/shszdo/shszdo shpZSdo since the filename and parent directory in my filespace are the same Cola Variations Script started on Fri May 01 11:36:38 2009 %ca: cola2.sql desc MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY g SEJECT name, SDoiGEOM.SDOVAREA(shape, 0.005) FROM colaimarkets; .SEaECT SDO GEOM.SDO INTERS (cva.shape, c_c.shape, 0.005) FROM colaimarkets c_a, cola_markets c_c WlERE c_a.name 'cola_a' AND c_c.name : 'cola_c'; v SELECT SDO_GEOM.SDO_DISTANCE(C_b.shape,C_d.Shape,0.005) FROM colapmaffief§_c:57'55la:markets Cid WlERE c‘b.name 2 'colaib‘ AND c d.name = 'colaid'; P SELECT name FROM colaimarkets c WHERE c.shape.SDO GTYPE = 2003; ____.—-_____r ”—1.- =. » r t til—3A 'T' ' 1 w \ ...
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