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scan0015 - address_type3'3224 fifth ave,’lonesome...

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Unformatted text preview: address_type3('3224 fifth ave',’lonesome town','iowa‘,53444), phones_type3('6197111~2233','858s423~6782',‘5947699e0022') ) ); INSERT INTO emped3 VALUES(t_emped('p30',name_type3('amos','alonzo‘,'stagg‘), null,phonesitype3(‘999-999—9999')) ); Testcodeforprog3 the test below should work with objecteg3c.sql, the one with no column name; there is some special syntax ,, normal sql is fine 'normally', but when a method is invoked, table aliasing —— seems to be necessary; the special VALUE syntax below will display the —— table as if it were a table_ofi_objects (single object column); VALUE(c) —— is treateéglike an onsthe~fly column name set pages 100 set echo on set pause on ~—SELECT empno, addr FROM emped; ——SELECT e.empno, e.addr.streetName() FROM emped e; seSELECT e.empno,e.addr.street FROM emped e; SELECT VALUE(e3) FROM emped3 e3; gcl<cF VALVE (€33 Fpomkmpmvlj 63 ...
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