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scan0018 - .846049894 SQL> SELECT c.name...

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Unformatted text preview: .846049894 SQL> SELECT c.name, SDO_GEOM.VAL|DATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT(c.shape,0.005) FROM cola_markets 0 WHERE c.name = 'cola_c'; SQL> SELECT c.name,c.Shape.distance(d.Shape) from city c ,City d where c.name = 'Ottawa‘; 2 NAME C.SHAPE.DISTANCE(D.SHAPE) Ottawa 7979.3423 Ottawa 0 emped3.sql SQL> select * from emped3; EMP(EMPNO, ENAME(F|RST, MIDDLE, LAST), ADDR(STREET, CITY, STATE, ZIP), PHONES) T_EMPED('p10', NAME_TYPE3(‘john', 'david', 'sloan'), ADDRESS_TYPE3('110 elm stre et', 'topeka‘, 'kansas', 76111), PHONES_TYPE3('619-443-9876', NULL, NULL)) T_EMPED('pZO', NAME_TYPE3(NULL, NULL, 'mcGraw'), ADDRESS_TYPE3('3224 fifth ave', 'lonesome town', 'iowa', 53444), PHONES_TYPE3('619-111-2233', ’858-423-6782', ' 594-699-0022» T_EMPED('p10', NAME_TYPE3('john', 'david', 'sloan'), ADDRESS_TYPE3('110 elm ...
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